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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Shattered Mirror

Recently, I had my mirror cracked actually it was shattered...
What I thought I saw in the mirror wasn't as it appeared to be.
The mirror sometimes lies to us or distorts the truth.
We are actually afraid to appear naked in the mirror.
The mirror like TV adds 10 pounds and so on...
So, the mirror delivers bad news when we least expect it.
How to put the mirror back together once it is shattered?
The mirror is like our life.
Once shattered it is hard to put back together.
So, you slowly pick up each piece and glue them back in the "same" place.
Eventually, the mirror will be back together.
Will it be as it was in the beginning or before?
There will be a new mirror and new image.
Will the images be better than before....only time will tell.
My image in the mirror is still me, 10 pounds and all...
So what appears with our image may be slightly different.
Our choices when putting the mirror back together will decide the view....Through The Shattered Mirror.
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