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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Ravine...place of reflection!

I started college. The stress increased as I continued on this path of gaining knowledge. I remembered a frequently visited place of solitude, calmness, and serenity which help put things in perspective. I called it-The Ravine. I will attempt to recreate a picture of it with words. Hopefully, you will envision this sanctuary--The Ravine...

     Four weeks of school shuffled by me. Friday night came,  my friends had gone while I spent a weekend alone. The dorm room became my prison, and I had to escape.  The autumn night air felt good against my face. I began to wonder around the campus, attentive to every sound and movement the nocturnal world made. Then I stumbled upon the Ravine, a place containing vestigial life as if time had forgotten it. I was awestruck with The Ravine's scenery- delicate yet sturdy, languid yet active, untouched by man.
     I walked as if Father Time stopped the clock just for me to gaze at this place with ageless innocence. Nature's backdrop was illuminated by a few twinkling stars and dominated by a dark ominous sky. An enormous circular clock with two delicate sluggish hands like flowers in a deep slumber projected into the sky. The edifice holding the clock was hidden by a grouping of trees.
     The trees with their autumn leaves looked like colorful peacocks in full dress, soon to lose their vitality and color. Their branches reached toward the sky like primitive people worshiping their god and dancing around as if aroused by the cold force of autumn. The tree's boles clung to the earth as if were waiting the love of a wooer. The colorful collection of trees was laced with a picturesque lawn.
     I stood by the pond observing the amphitheater that looked like the ruins of a once great Greek structure embedded on the side of a hill. The seats were surrounded by freshly-cut grass with the smell of green. The ground ascended upon the pond.
     The Ravine revealed all of its secrets to me that night. More importantly. I remember the pond because I was like the three fish swimming in its vast emptiness. The shallow, narrow pond seemed inanimate as I came upon it. The clear water caught the shadow of the rock wall surrounding it and the bottom of the pond was made of stone covered with a brownish-green moss. Suddenly I saw an luminescent goldfish swimming along making ripples in the water. After I saw the goldfish, two more fish appeared. The one was pale gray and very thin. The other fish was too quick for me to see clearly. The pond was positioned n front of an empty amphitheater.
     Whenever I need to gather my thoughts or reflect or be alone, I go to the Ravine. A place that is peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful to behold. More importantly, that autumn night the Ravine provided myself with a view of a broader picture of nature's important role in society. Every individual should stop and take time time to examine the things around them. People would realize that their problems are insignificant to the entire picture.  It's time to explore...start your journey.

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